Web Advertising and Social Media

Web advertising has taken many turns throughout the years. It has evolved into a lot of forms including email marketing, banner ads, pop-up ads, and HTML ads among others. The attention in the current world of internet marketing is directed towards social media sites. And why not? Social media has taken the public by storm and people from all ages are using social media to communicate, be updated on current events, and even earn extra income. Because of its popularity, it is not surprising that most web advertising efforts are spend on improving social media ads.

What Do You Get Out of Social Media Marketing?

The number of users is equal to the massive number of people who will be your subjects. Popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have millions of users worldwide. Considering its reach, an increased exposure is guaranteed. This is great for those who aspire for global exposure. The possibilities are endless because it augments the need for brand visibility across countries and time zones. Old school marketing cannot reach beyond the limitations of TV stations and newspaper productions.

Another good thing about using social media in web advertising is that it conveniently presents the profiles of your past, present, and future customers. Unlike the traditional and more costly forms of surveys, the dynamics of the consuming public preference can be perceived by following the trends. It is also easier to ask the customers up front about their experience in a particular product because of the easier way to communicate with them in the form of comments and private messages.


Real-time conversations also promotes better understanding of the consumers and it gives more room to improve the products, propose community activities, and promote interactive and highly entertaining contests. It can also help build a trusting relationship between the management and consumers because the company becomes real in the sense that the customers can freely talk to the management without going through a lot of hassles. This makes the customers more loyal thinking that the company is very attentive and considerate of their needs.

Aside from providing useful information about the consumers, social media also gives an insight about how the competition is doing in the industry. Monitoring their accomplishments can help in motivating the web advertising team to level up and improve the campaigns. The data gathered can also be used to assess what the target customers need that the competition cannot provide and if there are ways to bridge this gap.

At the end of the day, one thing can be said about social media is true. It made web advertising a lot better in the sense that online marketing campaigns became more accessible to the public and new marketing firms came to be. Its benefits go beyond its common use and have opened new opportunities for small time business owners to be able to have a say in their chosen market. Suffice to say, social media evened out the playing field for both established companies and newbie players plus it made internet advertising more challenging and exciting.